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Uno and Fog: Down But Not Out

July 9, 2019

The Fog hands her a knife and the young woman took it and cut her hand before sticking blood drops into the mouth of the nearest inmate.  Despite my attention being focused with keeping the alarms from going off, the place from being flooded and the elevator sealed, I could immediately see a change in the man’s complexion and the dullness started to fade from his eyes.  The surgery marks on his forehead look more like burn marks than actual scars

The young woman with the pale skin moves from one individual to the next and although she was quick about it, she wasn’t inhumanely fast, nor preternaturally graceful.  Not that it allays my concerns.  I’ve heard people talk about aging as a form of disease or wear and tear on the body, but if you are a perfect healer, would you age at all?  If you were an immortal, could you learn to fake being immortal, to learn to move like a clumsy human?

Some of the people that had been held captive start weeping, some start asking why over and over like it was some kind of mantra.  Some are still confused and some, including the first man start to look angry.  I wonder if perhaps healing injuries, perhaps even something as fundamental and miraculous as repairing the connections of an individual’s mind, might not repair the way the brain worked before, or completely restore what was lost, just simply fix the biology.

The pale lady, I still don’t know her name has to cut herself repeatedly to draw blood, the wounds healing up almost as fast as she makes them, and she seems to shrink as she’s going along.  I wonder if you could kill her by making her heal over and over until every bit of energy and material of her body was used up?

I hear a distant explosion and the floor rocked briefly.  I will say this about the construction, there was no falling dust or grit from above when this happened.  Not even a flicker from the lights or power.

The Fog looks at me.

“Wasn’t the buildings fail safes.”

“Then they haven’t wasted time once the realized it wasn’t working and manually caved in the elevator.”  The Fog notes.

“You’re sounding pretty calm for a man that just got buried alive and when I can’t do any more, almost certainly going to drown.”  I would like to say that I say that in a measured, even tone, and that my voice isn’t going up or getting raised, but that isn’t accurate.

“That’s because we are not going to stay buried or drown.”



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