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June 7, 2020
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Rash robin
Will no longer feel the sky
Since sly cat.


June 1, 2020
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Harsh Weather
Does not stop lilac blooming
Each Springtime

How I love you

May 27, 2020

Its better to tell you how
Your absence makes me forlorn
Ever more despondent now
Rending my soul so its torn

I think of you when I wake
Last thing when I lay at night
All day long for you I ache
I freely embrace my plight

Seeing you makes me want more
Your pleasure is what I crave
No other do I adore
Making me passion’s slave

A better question I spy
Not how nor why, but should I





The Darkness Between

May 27, 2020
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Silver stars
Vainly try to fill the dark
Between them.

Why I love you

May 27, 2020

You ask my why I love you
As if the heart can answer
Can crude words explain I do
I’m a poor romancer

As soon ask why a rose is
Or why the day sky is blue
Why all winter sleeps the griz
Then why I love you is true

You can at times be quite cruel
Yet the heart wants what it wants
For you I am quite a fool
In all places your presence haunts

Can’t say why here and now
Its better to tell you how.




May 26, 2020
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Salty tears
As if the Ocean carries
All sorrow.


May 25, 2020
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Grass gives way
Overrun by bored neglect


May 24, 2020
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Night turns grey
Vivid dreams give way
To flat day.

Echo Sonnet No. 13

May 24, 2020

It is traditional to have 14 related sonnets and a final master crown or 15th sonnet as an end cap which seems like a lot, but even so I ended up running out of space to say everything I wanted (needed to say) and so below is the 13th which skips over perhaps too much (mayhap I will do several apocryphal 13a b and c’s at some point).  Or it might have been better to do just one epic poem like an Edda and just keep adding to it.  It is a funny thing, it is often easier to express things in writing, often thoughts I didn’t even know I had or a way of looking at something forms or some word choice takes new meaning as things progress.

Regardless, thanks for doing me the honor of reading them.


Love and words fade after the last touch
A fortune and you don’t love me like that
Late July spent one last night a nonesuch
Then you were lost after one final spat.

I rode as the wind and hail lashed my face
You were gone leaving only words cruelly
Late October you creep in the wrong place
I saw you and another, you didn’t see me.

Time passes and then by chance we meet
Then I answer after you call, call, and call
In boldness you throw yourself at my feet
Proclaim that I was the only one after all.

That you are the moon and I am your sun
Ours is a love forever and never be done.

New Soul

May 23, 2020

Some have old souls, mine is brand new
Made out of silver thread and dew
Theirs are jade and old leather
Heavy laden, mine down feather
World is still filled with mystery
A wonderful bright tapestry.
What others see as nothing, blasé
Will make music in my heart play
Every day is filled with awe
All emotions are strong and raw
Of love they partake wary sips
I want it all to pass my lips
They can be sober and wise too
I’ll be drunk on love for you.



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