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Captain of the Guard: Waiting

October 21, 2019

The Seneschal introduced Silas and the guard knelt before king, “I bring news of Ro.”

The king eyed him, “Out with it young man.”

Silas reached into his pouch and pulled out the grimy and gruesome medal and stretched out toward the king with it.

Argov looked at the medal and Silas got the distinct impression that the king was not surprised. His daughter though, let out a gasp as soon the medal hit the light of the room. Several ladies in waiting went to her side as the princess Hilenna swooned. “How did you obtain that?”

“We took it of his body, the Captain sent me with it so that you would know what happened, your majesty.”

“Did he?” Argov leaned back on his throne and stroked his beard thoughtfully, “and where is your Captain now?”

“Seeking the culprits, your royal highness.”

“I admire his initiative,” the king looked at Silas intently, “tell me does he know who is responsible?”

“I don’t know, your majesty.”

“Ah, well perhaps there is some detail that might tell us of the parties that are responsible. I will have my general debrief you and see what details might be gleaned. If you would go to the counsel chambers and wait, you will be met shortly.”

Silas bowed and took his leave from the king and headed toward the counsel chambers. While he had never actually been in there, he knew where it was. The fact that he was going to speak directly to the king’s general, was exciting news.

The counsel chamber was a disappointment, all it held was a map of the kingdom, a table and several chairs and that was it. He paced for a while, studied the map, and looked out the window to the battlements below, and the city and horizon as it stretched out before him.

He was getting bored and impatient for this to get over. If he had known these were in fact his last hours among the living, perhaps he would not have been so impatient. But then, had he known what was coming he would have almost certainly would have fled the castle.

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