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Captain of the Guard: Beasts and Boundaries

October 2, 2019

Raven and the hound were talking animatedly. Cedric whistled to the hound.
The beast approached, Emile looked affronted, “Really Captain, we are not some animal that you can call.”

“We came, didn’t we?” Pookie scoffed, “He’s a man, Emile, to them there are people and there are beasts,” The dog glanced knowingly at Cedric, “we are not men, so we are a beast to be used.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way.” Marious said uncertainly.

“I wanted to get your attention.”

“You could have called us by name, or come to us.” Emile replied indignantly.

Pookie laughed, “Don’t listen to him Captain. Whistle when you want us, and we’ll come to heel. Perhaps if we’re treated like a dog, Emile will finally accept what we are, although I doubt it.”

“It’s degrading.” Emile huffed.

“Then do something about it.” Pookie snarled.

“Look, I’m not sure . . .” Marious started.

“No, Marious, Pookie’s right for once.” Emile took a deep breath and looked at the Cedric, “Please don’t do that again, it was disrespectful.”

“Sure.” Cedric answered.

Pookie rolled his eyes, “That’s it?”

Emile nodded, “Of course. I’ve firmly set boundaries.”

“Now that’s degrading. We’re a three-headed sheep. I saw a nice patch of grass, let’s go graze.” Pookie said in disgust.

“A well-mannered discourse is never degrading.” Emile sniffed.

“It is when someone is trying to kill you or your whelps, take your food, steal your mate or enslave you.”

Marious interceded, “Captain, you needed something?”

“Did you find anyone?”

“No, we did not.” Pookie answered with disappointment.

“Well then, can you track the ones that ambushed Ro?”

“Of course, but you do know their numbers are considerably larger than ours.”

“We have to sneak up on them. I expect them to have a rear guard, I want to catch them unawares.”

“We shall.” Marious assured him as they bound ahead making several of the horses skittish.

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