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Uno and Fog: Away

July 19, 2019

The devices the soldiers were using to keep themselves awake, were insulated but I could still kill the power and then put the man to sleep.  Someone had taken some effort top try and hide the devices from me, but I could still feel them.  I suspected that new ways of preventing my abilities would be used making it more difficult to circumvent them in the future.

The real problem was keeping my focus on each device after putting one of them down.  If I let go control, it would immediately jerk the guy back awake.

I was oddly flattered that I was seen as enough of a threat or potential threat that they were preparing for me.  It occurs to me that they might be prepared for any endowed individuals in the nearby vicinity.  I kind of wish I could get the opportunity to search all their equipment.

Just as with the cells beneath us that are now filled with water, the information about what was used to keep all the experimental subjects in check would be valuable information in the future.  I remember the look on some of the escapees and knew that if I got off this island, dealing with many of them was going to occur in the near future.

Our already questionable reputation could get significantly worse if it became known that we had loosed a group of angry supers with a grudge upon the world.  It is perhaps too much to hope for that some of them might take a more positive role.

April certainly acted like that was the direction she wanted to go, but I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t an act, or an attempt to manipulate us.  If her abilities really were limited to healing and things of that nature, it certainly was in her best interests to get us to help her, not that The Fog would have refused her and as much as I don’t trust her, I wouldn’t have either.

The Fog is cracking heads while I’m putting others to sleep.  The smoke screen keeping us obscured.  April is near me, slightly behind and crouching down, making herself a smaller target.

Finally they’re all out.

My partner jumps into the cockpit of the chopper as April and I jump into the back.  I send juice to all the systems and in a matter of moments he has us up and away.  As soon as we are up, I let go of controlling the governors on them and let them get shocked awake.

Look down at the island below us.  The building we snuck into is broken in several places and half collapsed.  There are fires, oil slicks, strange patches of ice, darkness and what looked like a seaweed forest undulating underwater even though it was along the roads to the south.  I could see muzzle flashes and her the crack of gunfire and the rapid fire of automatic weapons.

Men were spilling had spilled out of the helicopters and fanned outward, the escapees that hadn’t fled were engaging them in a disorganized fashion.  I wasn’t sure how that would end for either side.  We veered north and let the island and all its mayhem behind.



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