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The Perfect Companion, part two

September 16, 2010

     Andrew removed the synaptic relays and disengaged himself from his Teacher.  Sam was waiting patiently for him.  For as long as he could remember, Sam had always been with him.
     “Are you done already?” Sam asked in surprise.
     “No, I have one more calculus lesson.”
     “Then you should finish and we can go play.”
     “I wish I could download everything I need like you, instead of going to school.”  Andrew complained.
     “Perhaps you will some day.”
     “It will be too late.” Andrew grumbled.
     “Hurry up and finish, the new Mysteries of Magic is out.”
     “It arrived?”  Andrew asked eagerly.
     “While you were in school.  No hurry up.”
     “Oh, all right.” Andrew reengaged and hurried through the lesson.  It was a shoddy job, but it was done.  When he exited, Sam was in the same place.  If Andrew had been the one waiting, he would have died of frustration  “Do you ever get bored?”
     Sam frowned, “Bored?”
     “Yeah, bored.  Doesn’t it bother you to always be waiting for me?”
     Sam shrugged.  “I was made for you.”
     “I guess I forget that sometimes.”
     “I don’t.”
     Next to the bulky teacher, was the sleek Sim Interface.  Andrew attached the neural feed while Sam jacked in.  A quick selection and they found themselves in front of an airy castle.
     “What are you going to be this time?” Sam asked.
     “Why don’t you pick first?”
     “My selection will be something that compliments you.  You’re the hero.  I’m the sidekick.”
     Andrew considered for a moment, “I was a thief when we played the last version, I think I will try the direct approach and be a knight.”  No sooner had he said the words then his form became encased in armor.  A large broadsword appeared at his side.
     “Then I shall be your wizard counselor.”  Sam increased in height as grey robes formed.  A gnarled staff appeared in its hands.
     “You look old.” 
     “I made myself look the part.”
     “Can you do that in the real world?”
     “Certainly, I can look anyway you’d like me to look.”
     At that moment the gate to the castle opened and a squire ran up to them breathlessly.  “There you are.  The king awaits you in the throne room.  His daughter, the Princess Penelope, has been kidnapped.”
     They followed the squire into the castle.  “I’m guessing we’re going to rescue the princess.”  Andrew said with a grin.
     Sam nodded, “It would appear that way, although remember in Magic 7 it was a trick to trap us, and in Magic 10 the Princess had actually fled from her father, who was the evil necromancer.”
     “That last one didn’t make much sense.”  Andrew grumbled.
     They found themselves in the throne room.  The king was a proud looking, although grief-stricken, man with a trimmed beard, hawk-nose and fierce eyes; practically identical to all the kings Andrew had ever dealt with.  Well, except for the child king in Magic 12 that had been so annoying and whiny that the fan base had threatened a boycott if he ever returned.
     “Your Majesty.” Andrew and Sam bowed.
     The king looked at him gravely, “Sir Andrew, my daughter Penelope has been kidnapped by the Dread Lord Malvich.  He fled north with her on his dragon steed.  I bid you pursue the fiend and return my daughter.  Take what you need in the courtyard, but do not dally.  Time is of the essence.  The journey will be perilous, but I am sure that good creatures everywhere will help you along your way.”
     “Yes, sire.” Andrew nodded.
     The king looked at him, “What are you still doing here?”
     “Sorry.” Andrew said and backed out of the throne room.
     “Not much of an introduction.” Sam commented.
     “Yeah, they spent more effort on the graphics, things look pretty realistic.”
     The outfitted themselves in the courtyard and then headed out on horseback across the drawbridge and took the road north.  They could still see the castle behind them when a group of Dread Lord Malvich’s orc henchmen ambushed them.
     Andrew disembowelled two of the brutish thugs, purple entrails spilled on to the ground.  Sam fired off a quick sleep spell and the remaining monsters collapsed under the spell.  Andrew and Sam quickly stabbed the sleeping adversaries through the heart.
     When they were finished they cleaned their weapons and headed down the road when Andrew’s mom broke in telling him it was time for dinner.  If she had broken in a couple of minutes earlier she would have a fit at how realistic and gory the game was.   He saved the game and adjusted the settings just to be safe before exiting.

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  1. September 16, 2010 4:26 pm

    Check the paragraph where ‘Andrew’ plugs back in for his last calculus lesson. It says Sam. Also same paragraph you truncated Andrew to Andre.

    Boock: Ty


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